Update time!

I know it has been a long time since I last posted. I’m sorry for that! I have had a hard time balancing life in general with working. I work 5-6 days/nights a week. So usually I was spending what time I had with the family.

And now school is back in session. I officially have a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a kindergartener! So hard to believe! They just went back on Wednesday! But, I’ve been sick and cleaning house. I was off work on Wednesday and Thursday, so was trying to catch up on things. But still didn’t have time to post here :(

So here I am! Super duper excited knowing my parents will be here soon, and get to spend some time with them. So thankful that my boss let me take the weekend off, knowing it is the busiest time for us at work.  My “weekend” is usually Wednesday/Thursday.

We have had some major things going on around here.

First, my husband is working the dayshift now! He was working overnights for his first month and managed to “win” a day shift position. Because of my work schedule we don’t see a whole bunch of each other, but it’s better than what it was.

Secondly, we adopted another dog! We thought it wouldn’t ever happen again after losing Destiny. We thought we were done bringing animals into our hearts and homes. Then the thoughts were “maybe someday, but not today… not any time soon”. But I saw a picture of a dog (not the one we ultimately adopted) on the local humane society’s petfinder. I fell in love. Just with her picture. I knew I was ready. My husband saw her picture and he too knew he was ready to bring in another. We were sure we needed another lab/lab mix.

We never even got a chance to meet that dog whose picture we saw. She was adopted out quick. We didn’t even adopt from the humane society. We happened to be looking through Craigslist, and just then a new “free dog” posting came up. My husband contacted the people; I had to go to work.

We were not the first people to contact them. But we were the furthest away – which told them we must REALLY want her. My husband and kids picked her up that day. She’s a 6(ish) month old “Boxador” (lab/boxer mix).  The people who gave her to us had rescued her from a very bad situation where she was not taken care of, severely underweight, and sick. They took her to the vet, got her shots, got her medicine, and helped her gain weight. Less than a month later, they gave her up. They had their reasons, and some of those we know of. Some they probably didn’t reveal to us. But we love her.

Meet JuneBug

Meet JuneBug

Third thing – our mama rat terrier is no longer with us. It makes me sad but she was so unhappy here. She went to a home with another senior rat terrier that needed an older companion. That’s the kind of home she needed for her senior years.

So that’s an update on what’s going on around here. Now I better go get ready since my parents will be here soon with their dog – let’s hope the dogs all get along well!


First day!

Yesterday was my first day at the new job. Fast paced, chaotic, but good day all together. I hurt a bit today, and am bruised in places. But I’m hoping it’ll get better as I adjust to working out of the home again. I spent a year at home with the kids full time, so it will take awhile to get used to working, as well as to “get used to” the aches and pains that come with any job. Especially after taking an extended amount of time off.

I’m working a shorter shift today, and not sure yet what I’ll be doing – but I’m looking forward to learning all I can. Because I’ve worked this kind of job before, I did find myself jumping in before some expected me to be comfortable with it. But they seemed impressed, which has to be good – right?


Soon after my last post, I got a call for a job interview! I completely misheard on the phone and showed up that afternoon (Tuesday). Turned out she said to be there THURSDAY, not TODAY (Tuesday) like I had heard. So for a good portion of Tuesday I was honestly freaking out. Interviews cause me a lot of anxiety. And then add on the embarrassment of being 2 DAYS early! Yikes!

Wednesday afternoon I got another call from a different place to interview at on Monday.

But yesterday I had my first job interview in almost 3 years. All morning I was sick to my stomach. The anxiety was fierce! I was scared to go back there after showing up on Tuesday. I was sure that probably completely disqualified me for the position. Listening skills are very much required.

I showed up 15 minutes early, which is typical for me. For both interviews and once hired. The interview before me was completed so we were able to start almost right away.

Of course once we started I was comfortable and able to be more confident in myself. But getting myself to that point was not easy.

At the end I was told she’d let me know. But she also threw in “I think you did VERY well”. I think so too!

I walked out the doors at the time I was supposed to start interviewing. I also walked out with more confidence than what I walked in with.

Once it was all over, I couldn’t help but question why I was so scared all day. It seemed so silly. I have a lot of experience, not at this particular place, but at places like it.

I just hope that when the time comes for my next interview, I can be confident the entire time leading up to it, as well as during.