An Offer, and a Rejection

On Monday I was offered a job! For the first interview I had recently. I accepted the job offer, but I still went to the interview I had scheduled that afternoon. Most of the day I was feeling confident and not really that nervous. Until it was just about time to leave… then the nerves kicked in really bad.

This second interview was very important. I really wanted that job. It was something new, but a familiar place. I’d worked for that company before, back home. It was where I got my first non-babysitting job. I felt sentimental. Like maybe this job was the one I was supposed to be hired at. Going full circle.

But something didn’t go well during the interview. I don’t know if I just didn’t answer the questions well or what… I just know I didn’t walk out of there feeling good about how it went. I hoped I was wrong, and I’d get the call that they wanted me. But that call never came. Instead I received a rejection email.

My 100% job offer/hire rate after interviews is gone. Yes, this is the first time in all my life I didn’t get a job I was interviewing for. I had a good run, but somewhere I fell… flat on my face.

But, I still have a job that I start today. That matters, too! I’m grateful they offered me a job! If I never would have had the other interview, I would be over the moon. I just don’t handle rejection very well.

Time to move on, and let go. Let go of the disappointment in myself for failing to “WOW” the ones interviewing me on Monday afternoon. Time to be proud and happy for myself for actually getting those two interviews. And for landing a job. Its not an easy task. There’s too many applicants, not enough jobs.

So with my head held high, I can say “I have a job!”