Update time!

I know it has been a long time since I last posted. I’m sorry for that! I have had a hard time balancing life in general with working. I work 5-6 days/nights a week. So usually I was spending what time I had with the family.

And now school is back in session. I officially have a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a kindergartener! So hard to believe! They just went back on Wednesday! But, I’ve been sick and cleaning house. I was off work on Wednesday and Thursday, so was trying to catch up on things. But still didn’t have time to post here :(

So here I am! Super duper excited knowing my parents will be here soon, and get to spend some time with them. So thankful that my boss let me take the weekend off, knowing it is the busiest time for us at work.  My “weekend” is usually Wednesday/Thursday.

We have had some major things going on around here.

First, my husband is working the dayshift now! He was working overnights for his first month and managed to “win” a day shift position. Because of my work schedule we don’t see a whole bunch of each other, but it’s better than what it was.

Secondly, we adopted another dog! We thought it wouldn’t ever happen again after losing Destiny. We thought we were done bringing animals into our hearts and homes. Then the thoughts were “maybe someday, but not today… not any time soon”. But I saw a picture of a dog (not the one we ultimately adopted) on the local humane society’s petfinder. I fell in love. Just with her picture. I knew I was ready. My husband saw her picture and he too knew he was ready to bring in another. We were sure we needed another lab/lab mix.

We never even got a chance to meet that dog whose picture we saw. She was adopted out quick. We didn’t even adopt from the humane society. We happened to be looking through Craigslist, and just then a new “free dog” posting came up. My husband contacted the people; I had to go to work.

We were not the first people to contact them. But we were the furthest away – which told them we must REALLY want her. My husband and kids picked her up that day. She’s a 6(ish) month old “Boxador” (lab/boxer mix).  The people who gave her to us had rescued her from a very bad situation where she was not taken care of, severely underweight, and sick. They took her to the vet, got her shots, got her medicine, and helped her gain weight. Less than a month later, they gave her up. They had their reasons, and some of those we know of. Some they probably didn’t reveal to us. But we love her.

Meet JuneBug

Meet JuneBug

Third thing – our mama rat terrier is no longer with us. It makes me sad but she was so unhappy here. She went to a home with another senior rat terrier that needed an older companion. That’s the kind of home she needed for her senior years.

So that’s an update on what’s going on around here. Now I better go get ready since my parents will be here soon with their dog – let’s hope the dogs all get along well!


She keeps growing!

This little girl is getting bigger and bigger! We’re pretty sure now that she’s rat terrier/beagle mix – a Raggle! She’s definitely got the howl of the beagle down. The other day I could have sworn the sound she was making was a female cat in heat! She was howling at us, wanting to go out.

As seen in the pictures, she likes to think she’s “people”, and sits up in chairs :)  Her mama thinks she’s “people” too and likes to lay on pillows, and she loves getting tucked in with blankets. Funny dogs!


It won’t be long and she’ll be bigger than her mama!

Why? Why do people do this?


I was taking my dog Destiny (the lab/setter mix) outside to potty. She sees a man walking down the road and she starts barking. I try to get her to stop, but she won’t. He starts approaching us, saying how a dog needs to bark once in awhile. What he didn’t realize is that was her aggressive bark. The bark that says “Stay away, I don’t like you” bark. I told him she doesn’t like men (and typically, that’s true – unless we allow you into our house, she probably doesn’t want you near). He kept walking towards her. I was about yanked over onto my face as she’s barking and trying to go for him.

Do I think she would have bit him? No. She probably would have been fine. But her declining health has us questioning just what she’ll do with a stranger outside. Inside, as long as we trust the person to come in, she’ll trust them and be perfectly fine.

But why, when told basically you need to back off, do some people insist on pushing it? Pushing her boundaries? We know we don’t have much time left with her, and we don’t want that time cut short because someone else couldn’t listen.



Dogs or Cats?

Seeing this post over at my friend Rachel’s blog made me think about how my “preference” for what kind of pet has changed over the years…

When I was really little we had dogs, but I honestly don’t remember much about them. I do remember having cats around though! We had various ones at different times. Including my adopting my grandparents’ cat Fluffy.  I wish I had a picture of him here to share!  My grandparents became snow birds, living in their 5th wheel year round – winters in Arizona, summers in Minnesota.

So, I always thought of myself as a “cat person”.

I’ve had cats that were obviously mine. Climbing up in my lap, wanting my attention, even one (who we still have but doesn’t have this habit anymore) who used to wake me up at all hours of the night while trying to nurse off of me. His mama was our cat too, and even though she hadn’t weaned the kittens fully, Stormy would climb up and suckle on my nose or ears.  We called him my cat.  However he has a different preference now.  He sleeps most nights with my girls. Part of the night with one, the other part with the other. And he doesn’t come to me much for any attention at all anymore.  He prefers my husband. Which means my husband has 3 cats. Though one of them has decided I’m not so bad and she’ll jump up in my lap from time to time.

I’ve also had dogs that were very much mine. Mitzy (the rat terrier) is very obviously mine. Since getting her, she’s been my shadow. She sits at my feet or on my lap. She likes lying in bed with me. She’s all mine LOL.

We had been calling Bella my husband’s dog. But she’s taken a liking to cuddling up with me. So when she’s tired, she’s mine. When she wants to play, she’s my husband’s (when he’s not at work). Because that’s her preference.

But we also have another dog, Destiny (black lab/Irish setter mix).  She is truly everyone’s dog. She gives each of us a little something that means so much. We know she’s sick, and she won’t be with us forever. But like all the others, she’s a major part of our lives. I can’t imagine what life will be like without her.

So now, I think of myself as more of a happy medium. But probably slightly leaning more towards dogs.

Our dogs and cats <3

Our dogs and cats <3

How about you?