I’m a quitter

I didn’t stick with that job I’d gotten. It was not for me. After a week of training I returned my uniforms. I can’t work fast food anymore (I’ve done it before, years ago)… But I have respect for those who can. I don’t do well with the incredible fast pace. I can go in spurts, but solid lunch rush is too much for me.

I’m waiting to hear back when I start somewhere else. Oddly enough, the same company I worked for in Texas. Its been just over a year since I left the company, and now I’m going back to it. Same job title as before, but back to the bottom pay and all that.

The only hold up is the drug screen. I have no fears about it, I take a daily multi vitamin and other supplements, but nothing illegal or that would risk my losing out on this job. It just takes time for them to run whatever tests they need to, and to get back to the company. I thought I’d be starting orientation today, but when I called yesterday there was no update, and possibly not an orientation starting today anyway.

I’m hoping for that call to come soon though, so I know when I’m starting.


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