New Adventures Await!

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately! My husband starts a new job tomorrow, which is in itself – great. The last place he worked was not a good place. They treated him horribly. So his job search is over.

I on the other hand, am searching for a job. The job change means a decrease in pay. I have to go back to work to help make up the difference. The thought of that alone scares me a bit. I haven’t worked outside of the home in almost a year. I didn’t need to, we were getting by okay. But now… now it’s different. Now I need a job to bring in something at least.

Once upon a time, I thought making the necklaces I was making would help us out.  Though that didn’t last long. I had a site set up on Etsy, and aside from friends and family – nobody else bought any.  Eventually I let the listings expire and never renewed them. Instead I’ve kept them and occasionally use them for gifts.

I’d like to re-list them now though. Because really, we need the money more than we need the necklaces.

So maybe, just maybe… I’ll re-open that Etsy shop and try selling again.


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