I miss you!

Corey and "his" tree

Corey and “his” tree

I miss you today. I missed you yesterday. I’ll miss you tomorrow.  Fact is I haven’t stopped missing you in nearly 15 years since you died – and I never will stop.

You were the one I could go to with anything. You were always there for me. You kept me safe. You helped me through so many things. I wish you were here to help me through more. I wish my kids could know you. Not just what they’ve been told, but YOU.

You were more than just a cousin. You were my best friend. My big brother.  And then, you were gone. It didn’t seem fair then, and it still doesn’t seem fair now.  It isn’t fair. You were too young. You could have lived for so many more years. A tragedy took you too soon. You’d escaped death before; I wish you could have escaped it again. But I know there must have been a reason that you couldn’t stay with us.

It doesn’t change how much I miss you though…

He was a Marine before his death

He was a Marine before his death


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