Stormy Days Ahead

Let me start off with how much I love my kids. I love them to the moon and back and more. They are my everything.

There. Now let me say – I hate that the WHOLE weekend it’s going to rain.  Not just ANY weekend – a LONG HOLIDAY weekend. Three days, and it’s supposed to rain the entire time. And not just a sprinkle here and there all weekend… Thunderstorms ALL.WEEKEND.LONG

My kids need to be outside at least part of the time, otherwise we go crazy. They need the sun, the air, and I need sanity breaks.  I need even just a few minutes of quiet.  Maybe that makes me selfish. Since the end of August almost every week they’ve been in school. School will be out soon for summer. But one weekend of rain has me worrying about what that’s going to mean once school is out. What will we do when it’s too crappy out to go out to play? When mom doesn’t get her sanity breaks?

I know we’ll find our new “groove” again, we always do. But for now, it’s actually kind of scary…


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