So very tired!

I’ve been up since 2:30 am with my 5 year old. I’m exhausted, and so is she. She had a bad dream and neither of us was really able to get back to sleep. She did lie down and watched Curious George after I realized there was no chance of me getting her back to sleep with cuddles.  Its times like these I really miss our breast feeding.  That “bag of tricks” always worked. If she had nummies after waking up like that, she could go back to sleep.  Cuddling is hit or miss. But the nummies? That worked far better (with few exceptions – like a major milestone was about to be reached).

If she can’t go right back to sleep – that generally means I’m up no matter what. She could fall asleep after a half hour or an hour tops and I’d be stuck awake. Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often. It seems to especially happen on mornings we all need to be up early, like today. We didn’t need to be up at 2:30 though. I would have happily slept until my alarm was set to go off at 5:15, she didn’t need to be up until 6.

I don’t know if a nap is in my future today, but I can hope. It was a “late night” for me, and a way too early morning for both of us!

She did try to sleep, just wasn't successful for very long

She did try to sleep, just wasn’t successful for very long


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