I am

I am a woman. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a legal gun owner. I carry my gun with me.

You know, I never really considered getting my purchase/acquire permit or my carry permit. I hadn’t thought I would want a gun. Then the gun control debate began. All of a sudden I wanted a gun. Not because I wanted to shoot someone. But because the 2nd Amendment is in jeopardy.  I have a right to own a gun. I have a right to carry a gun with me. But now there was honest fear that that right was going to be taken away.

I don’t like being told I can’t do or have something, especially when it’s written in clear language that I have that right. Tell me I can’t have the house that costs $1 million, I can accept that – because I know I can’t afford it. Tell me I can’t have a gun? I’ll get one, legally, before anyone tries to take that right away from me.

My gun isn’t “fancy”, but it’s mine. And nobody will take it away from me.  Not while I’m still breathing.


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