Am I losing weight?

I just wanted to say I’m doing fairly well with the diet change! I’ve lost some weight already – about 6lbs. I have changed my eating habits and am taking some supplements that are supposed to help burn the fat. I’m not sure what is helping more, but all together not too bad!

I had to cut back on the green tea supplement, as it was giving me massive bloat. I hate feeling bloated and LOOKING like I have a baby belly. It’s not a baby belly I’ve got LOL. If I had a baby belly I wouldn’t worry about looking like I had it, I’d just enjoy it. But, fat belly? Nope it can get gone! I’m sure it was partly due to the nature of it and how it’s supposed to make you feel less hungry. I definitely wasn’t feeling hungry – but didn’t like how excessive it was.

I’m increasing the amount of raspberry ketones I’m taking though. I’m going to get a different brand so I’m not stuck swallowing so many pills each time. I have a low dose I bought a while back, and never really stuck with it. This time I plan on sticking with it and bumping it up to the max dosage over time.

Apparently Dr Oz talked about the raspberry ketones on his show. I never watch TV so I had no clue!  I found out about the raspberry ketones when I was researching what daily multivitamin I was going to get. In the reviews for the ones I ultimately chose, people were saying how it would be completely perfect if it had the raspberry ketones in it, to help burn fat. So I started researching right away and found some locally.  I didn’t know to look in the diet supplement isle, so now I know where I can get higher dose ones.

I still make meals for everyone in the house, and eat the meals I cook. I just am eating them in smaller amounts. And eating more salads.

I’ve also cut back on the sugar in my coffee. That’s taken a bit to get used to. And overall I’m drinking fewer cups a day now too.  I know that in itself is good for me.

Next thing to work on… increasing water intake. I’m horrible about water. I hate the taste of it. But I really need to start drinking it!


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