Always dying my hair!

I dyed my hair recently, and after many fiascos lately I just had to share! The last few times I’ve colored my hair, the dye doesn’t take fully. Leaving me with really weird splotches that are lighter than the rest. And not in a cute, looks intentional way… It was in the “does she know her hair looks like that?” kind of way. Seriously. Guess it’s a good thing I tend to just throw my hair up in a pony tail or messy bun… that made the weird color not look as obvious (I think….).

I bought 2 boxes, since most boxed dye brands 1 box isn’t enough. I didn’t know what to expect, so grabbed 2. The dye is for naturally dark hair, which mine is not. But I’ve used other brands for dark hair with success so figured it was worth a shot.


I was surprised that just one box was enough. I don’t know if it’s because this brand has more, or because it’s foam. The foam itself was strange to work with at first, but it definitely did the job!

I have a “Before” and “After” pic to share… of course the “before” is a bad pic of me, but the only one I could find. That’s the down side of being the one with the camera; I have to remember to turn it on myself sometimes – though my current camera has a front LCD which should ideally make it easier to remember.

before and after 2

Of course, the “before” shows my massive icky roots I had going on, and doesn’t really show the splotches. And I didn’t have any makeup on either, and it shows *sigh*.  BUT I love how the color turned out! It is even throughout, which was such a wonderful surprise. I gotta say, I love the dark red color <3


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