Time to get rid of the extra weight

I need to lose weight. Not for anyone but me. But it’s a challenge… I doubt my ability to stick with any diet anymore. Years ago I lost a whole person, over 100 lbs gone. But then I got pregnant with my youngest and the weight came back fast and while I didn’t re-gain the entire amount, it was difficult watching the scale during OB appointments continue to show just how much I was gaining. Some gain was okay, but the excess was not. Not for me.

I don’t want to be stick thin, but I don’t want to be where I’m at right now. I want to fall in love with my body again. I want to like what I see.

So, I’m going to the store to get prepared for this hopefully successful journey. I’m already drinking a smoothie almost every day. That helps. But it’s not enough. I need to re-learn portion control at meals. I need to up my salad sizes.  I need less sugar in my coffee. All of those things will help. I know they will. It’s sticking to it that I see being a problem.

I had no problems sticking to it when I was at my highest weight. That was when I didn’t drink coffee, at all. But the times I’ve tried to go back to that specific diet, I give up. I get tired of the lack of variety in food choices that I gave myself back then. I get tired of cooking for everyone else, and then unable to eat the food – because it’s not part of my diet.

I’m horrible about exercise. And the time I lost all that weight – I did it with diet alone.

What are some of your tips for me, and others out there who are struggling with weight loss? What’s your favorite way to lose weight effectively?  What helps you stay motivated, especially when the scale isn’t going down much, clothes aren’t getting too big fast enough?


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