Why? Why do people do this?


I was taking my dog Destiny (the lab/setter mix) outside to potty. She sees a man walking down the road and she starts barking. I try to get her to stop, but she won’t. He starts approaching us, saying how a dog needs to bark once in awhile. What he didn’t realize is that was her aggressive bark. The bark that says “Stay away, I don’t like you” bark. I told him she doesn’t like men (and typically, that’s true – unless we allow you into our house, she probably doesn’t want you near). He kept walking towards her. I was about yanked over onto my face as she’s barking and trying to go for him.

Do I think she would have bit him? No. She probably would have been fine. But her declining health has us questioning just what she’ll do with a stranger outside. Inside, as long as we trust the person to come in, she’ll trust them and be perfectly fine.

But why, when told basically you need to back off, do some people insist on pushing it? Pushing her boundaries? We know we don’t have much time left with her, and we don’t want that time cut short because someone else couldn’t listen.




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