Dress Code vs. Uniforms in Public Schools

I read this post and thought of so much I could say, besides the comment I left. So, I decided to post here on it!

My 2 oldest kids have been to numerous schools with all of our moves. Their first ever school district had a dress code, though it wasn’t hard to follow. No advertising drugs, alcohol, etc on clothing or accessories (backpacks and such)… that kind of stuff. Common sense stuff.

The second school district was very strict, and while they didn’t require uniforms – we mostly bought plain polo shirts and solid pants just to make sure the kids were following it. There were so many restrictions we felt that it was our only option.

The second school district required set colors. Damon at first could only wear royal blue polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants or knee length shorts. Heaven could wear white, orange, or navy blue (I think I remember that right) polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants/skirts/knee length shorts/capris. After they built the new middle school, Damon was allowed to wear either royal blue or navy blue polo shirts. They also required clear or mesh backpacks. So they could see what was inside the backpack at all times for safety reasons.

The third school district was a little more relaxed. They could wear solid color shirts only, and only certain types of shirts – but it opened up many color options! They could wear jeans, but they couldn’t be damaged in any way, and plain.

The school district they are in now is more like the first one they’d ever been in, and they love it. They love not being clones of everyone else. They like being able to express their individual style. Sometimes they still grab for a polo and khaki, but it’s because that’s what they want to wear that day. Not because they are required to.

There’s an elementary school here that has changed their dress code to no longer allow hoodies. I’m grateful that’s not one of the schools my kids go to. The reasoning is because apparently there’s a problem with grades 4-6 in that school bringing things like cigarettes to school and passing them around.  Effectively punishing all for a few kids’ bad choices. If they’re going to bring cigarettes to school, they’ll find other ways. Pants have pockets. Backpacks obviously have pockets. Banning hoodies for everyone isn’t the answer.

There’s also been some talk of switching to district wide uniforms. Which would likely mean we’d have to go back to polo shirts and khakis.  I really hope they decide against it. I think kids need some control, and their clothing within a regular dress code is perfect for that.


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