The direction I’m taking, or not…

When I first started this blog, I thought we’d still be continuously moving around. Amazingly enough, soon after starting we made one more big move – and ended up buying the house! No more moving all over the place! I hate moving. Especially long distances. The packing, loading, unloading, unpacking… all of it.  During our last move we left a lot behind. We couldn’t bring it all with us. It wasn’t easy starting pretty much all the way over, again. But we did it. It got us to where now we are just a few hour drive away from much of our families.

Now that we’ve “settled in” and are planning no more moves, the name of the blog maybe isn’t a great choice, but I can’t see starting a new blog because of it. Because while it was just a short time in our lives, in the big picture, it was a major part of our lives.

For now, the blog has a few different directions it’s going in, and I think that’s okay.  Eventually it may have more “direction” but for now, I’m enjoying what it is.


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