Money Saving Tips

One thing everyone wants to do is save money. We’ve taken a number of steps ourselves in that desire to be able to stretch the budget as much as possible.

  • We eliminated having a cell phone contract. We switched to a no-contract plan that is a lot cheaper, to the tune of 2 phones vs. what we were paying for just 1!
  • We don’t have a house phone, so no bill.
  • We don’t have cable. We also don’t do any movie/TV type subscriptions. We have a large movie collection as well as the free over the air channels.
  • We go out to eat VERY rarely. Like maybe once every few months.
  • I started doing the once a month shopping/prepping/cooking. It eliminates the need to run to the store so often, which usually leads to buying more than we needed. And eliminates the urge to go out to eat/order in. I do still have to go to the store for stuff here and there, but I find I’m better about not having so many impulse purchases.
  • We shopped around for the very best deal on internet that we could get for the speed/type we wanted.
  • Not where we are now, but before, we had multiple options for electricity providers. So we found the best deal for us.
  • We have all energy efficient light bulbs, including the outside lights.

What are some things you do to save money? I’m always looking for more ideas, and I know others are too!


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