April showers bring… May snow???

The weather has been acting incredibly crazy here!  We went from 80+ degree days to snow, and expecting (and hoping!) for at least 70s again soon.  Days like yesterday when the snow was flying (in May? Really???) I missed the south.  I missed south Texas and the lack of snow there, the heat, all the good weather things.  I don’t miss the hurricanes or tropical storms. But the warmth… Yep, I missed that a bunch!

Our area didn’t get nearly as much snow as some, and most of it melted before it could stick. I saw that about 8 inches of snow fell, but I know we don’t have that much on the ground. Before the snow started falling, we also had a couple inches of rain fall too.

It’s May. There shouldn’t be snow. It should all be gone and we should be able to be out in shorts and flip flops if we want! Instead we’ve had to re-pull out all the winter gear.  I really hope to be able to not pull it out again after this stuff goes away! I want us to enjoy spring, not be out shoveling in it!

To all those affected by this freak storm, stay safe.


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