Am I crazy?

Call me crazy, but I’ve been considering starting an “Amish Friendship Bread” starter. However, I have no intention of giving the extra starters away!  I know the starters can be frozen, which means I can have as little or as much as I want to bake ready at almost any time.  I’d be more inclined to share if I knew anyone locally who would be interested. I don’t think I want to find out how it would do going through shipping!

I remember my mom getting these starters and growing them and giving them away. And the delicious treats we made with them! Eventually though, it gets hard to give the starters away. People don’t want to “hassle” with it, though I don’t think it’s much hassle at all. Most of the time it just sits on the counter and needs a bit of stirring or squeezing and air released each day. A couple days where you add stuff, and one day you divide it up and bake up part of it.  And the end product is fantastic!

Does anyone else have their own memories, be it from years ago or recently, of this stuff?


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