What can you not live without?

Do you have kitchen gadgets or other small appliances you couldn’t live without?  I know I do! I know I can’t go long without a slow cooker.  Not only because of the number of freezer meals I prep for it, but for other things as well that I cook in it. The other dinners that I make that I don’t prep in advance.  I plan for them, but don’t assemble until I put it into the slow cooker.

Another thing I couldn’t live without is my coffee pot!  I’ve had to live without one before and it was far from easy for me!  When we lived in the travel trailer when we first got to Texas I didn’t have a coffee pot. We kept trying to find under the cabinet coffee pots in stores, but of course none had any! Eventually we gave up and got a regular one, but that was after far too much money was spent on things like instant cappuccino mixes.  I drink more coffee now though than I ever had before. I drink a pot a day, minimum usually! That’s just with my regular coffee pot; I occasionally have a cup or two from my Keurig mini on top of the other coffee.  I love my Keurig though! I check Amazon for my k-cups to get the best deal possible. I like to get sampler packs to try as many new ones as possible, since it is my “treat” coffee.  Someday I hope to have a bigger Keurig, but I’m very happy with the one I have.

I have 2 shelving units in my kitchen full of small appliances. Some are used more than others, but I do love having each of them even if they aren’t used enough to fully justify having them. But come next Thanksgiving I’d be pretty bummed to not have my huge electric roaster for example.

So, what about you? What gadget or small appliances can you not live without?


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