On the hunt…

We’re searching for a car.  It’s a frustrating process since we don’t have much to spend on one, but we’ve been spending months as a one vehicle family. It would be fine, if our one vehicle wasn’t a gas guzzling suburban! We had a nice Pontiac Sunfire for almost a year before its motor gave up when my husband was driving home from a class.

It was late at night, I’d already been asleep – and he called me, multiple times. Just trying to wake me up! A kid could have come in and I’d have woken up, but my phone ringing?  Nope, thought I was dreaming! I had to go pick him up, and the next day we had to call the junk yard to go pick it up from the side of the interstate.  I loved that little car! I didn’t love it so much when I had to drive it from south Texas to Iowa, though. That was hard on my poor hips!

We’re hoping to have one soon, but we don’t know what it’ll be. All we know for certain is it will be just a “beater” and nothing fancy. We can’t afford fancy. Just something for getting from A to B. Not driving cross country, not even out of state. Just A to B.

Wish us luck in the search!


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