A wonderful treat for your dog(s)!

When Mitzy (our rat terrier mama) had the puppies, I didn’t plan on keeping one. I had no desire to go through training a puppy again. It’d been a long time!  But here I am, with a puppy to train. Between my husband and my kids, I caved and she’s ours.

We’ve been using redirection a lot with her.  We have various toys around to give her if she’s chewing on something she shouldn’t.  Certain balls for when she’s chewing on shoes or like items. Elk horn if she’s chewing on the walls, or any hard surface she shouldn’t. And a tug rope for all other things (shoe laces, the carpet…).  She likes her toys and her elk horn, but like a baby she needs to be reminded what is okay to chew on and what isn’t.   She’s young yet, so it’s expected.

Elk horn is actually antler. I’d had no clue how wonderful it is for dogs until my parents told me they got some for their dog (a yellow lab). They ended up bringing us 2 for our dogs.  At that time the puppies were just super tiny, but we also have a lab mix too! Destiny (our lab mix) loved the elk horn, and often tried to take Sammie’s (my mom and dad’s dog) horn too.  They traded a few times LOL! Luckily for Sammie, he got his own bigger one back!

I’ve noticed them in stores since hearing about them, but the only ones I’ve seen are cut open to make the marrow easier to get.  I like that the dogs have to work for the marrow in the ones they were given. If you know someone who hunts elk, maybe they don’t use the antlers themselves. You could ask for them! Worst they could say is no! Or sometimes you can find the antlers out walking (nature trails and such).  Then you just get it cut down for your dog(s) to enjoy.

Bella really loves whatever elk horn she can get her paws (and teeth) on!

Bella really loves whatever elk horn she can get her paws (and teeth) on!


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