Freezer meal tip

Does your family eat a lot of rice? We go in spurts, but I often plan a few meals that need rice at least as a side dish.  Why not make up a bunch of rice once, and have the rest in the freezer? Saves so much time, especially for long cooking rice of any sort!

So, prep your rice as you normally would (but triple or even quadruple it!). Once it’s cooled, put it in freezer bags in the size you need. If you really only need 3c of prepared rice for your meals, put 3 cups worth into (labeled!) quart size freezer bags – any more than 4c worth you’ll need to use a gallon sized bag). Same concept as the full meals: lay flat to freeze, and then stand upright to store.

When you’re ready to use the rice, you don’t need to completely thaw it. Just dump it into a microwave safe container and add 1/4c water. Heat for about 4-5 minutes on high power and fluff it back up.

If it’s going into a soup or casserole, skip reheating all together, add it directly to your recipe!

How easy is that? And a time saver too! You don’t have to wait for it to boil on the stove or let it stand or any of that. You’ve already done all that!


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