I love to read, do you?

I used to say I’d never get any type of e-reader device. I felt I’d miss the feel, smell, etc of an actual book too much to join in with millions who had already made the switch.  But make the switch I did.  First on an iPod touch with the kindle app. When I got a smart phone that could handle the kindle app, I switched to that.  Now I use a 7” tablet for almost all my book reading. I couldn’t be happier with it! Right now I’m reading A Clash of Kings – part of the Game of Thrones series.  I’ve read so many other wonderful books too since starting to use e-devices. It makes it easier for me to read at night, so I don’t need a light on.  My tablet is small enough to take anywhere I want, and have multiple books with me. I love that!

I also love that I’ve passed on the love of reading to my kids. All 3 of them love books. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard copy of a book or on a tablet. They always have something to read nearby.

Are you a book lover too? What are you reading? What’s your favorite book or series? Do you read from an e-device or actual books?

found on Photobucket

found on Photobucket


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