Was it worth it?

My son had a “weird growth” on his shoulder/upper arm for a couple years. A couple months ago it got to be incredibly irritating. It would itch, clothes would rub on it and bother it, etc. It all started when he caught it on a metal piece in the travel trailer when we were living in that. It healed, but then the scar kept getting bigger and bigger. Until it got to this:

"Weird Growth" before we knew what it was

“Weird Growth” before we knew what it was

That picture was taken the day we went to the doctor to see what we could find out. That day, the doctor thought it was a cyst of some type. Even with the back story.  So, he numbed up my son’s arm/shoulder and dug around in there. The doctor was surprised that there were no cyst type fluids, and of course no cyst.  Pressure bandages were applied, and an appointment was made for us for right after Thanksgiving to see a surgeon.

We took him to the surgeon, and we were told some options of what it could be. One of the things the doctor thought it could be, but hoped it wasn’t, was a keloid.  Because this is the first time my son has ever had this happen, the surgeon was thinking that wasn’t likely. He was thinking it was most likely foreign matter that somehow never came out and it healed over top of it. The reason for hoping it wasn’t the keloid is because the chance is high it would return if removed. Basically a keloid is super extreme scar tissue.

That very day, this “weird growth” was removed and sent to the lab for tests. Best to know what we were dealing with.  He was stitched back up, with restrictions on what he could do. He couldn’t participate in gym class, he had to be careful of his movements, stuff like that. We went back a week later to get the stitches removed (I’ll spare you the pic I have of his stitches in place).

When the surgeon started removing the stitches, he had to stop and grab steri-strips. He wasn’t quite healed enough yet to go without something holding it together. And another week of the same restrictions. This is also when we were told the “weird growth” was in fact a keloid. My heart plummeted a bit. I didn’t like knowing he went from one roundish bump, to now the possibility that this inch to an inch and a half long line could do the same thing. Because surgically, there is no fix for that. But, the doctor did say this time around, now that we had the official diagnoses, that Vitamin E oil would help if it became a problem again. As well as an OTC scar cream.

Last night the last of the steri-strips came off, and it looks to me like the top and bottom are starting to “bubble” a bit. But we’re using Vit E oil now, just in case.

The "after"

The “after”

So, was it worth it?  I believe it was. Sure, there’s a chance this scar of his will grow out of control.  Hopefully even if it starts, we can minimize it as much as possible. I am glad we know what we’re dealing with.


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