Do you use homemade products?

I make some homemade products that I absolutely LOVE.  Do you make any? I find a lot that I like on pinterest, such as these…

Homemade Laundry Detergent:

This is the second type I’ve made, and love this one. I love the pretty smell from it <3 And its saved me a bunch of money on laundry soap.


Homemade Dishwasher Detergent:

I have to alter this recipe some, and use 1/2 the amount of borax called for, but others use the full amount with no issues.  Your water’s hardness/softness will make a difference in how much you need.


Homemade liquid fabric softener:

Of course if you’re using the Laundry detergent I already mentioned, you don’t need this at all. But it is soooo diverse, because the only thing limiting you with it, is what scent of conditioner you use!


Fake Febreeze:

You can use the homemade fabric softener for this as well, but I admit, I bought Jasmine Sage scented Downy, and LOVE it. When the time comes that I run out of Downy, I will make my own I think.


Lastly, as pet owners – flea shampoo:

Fleas are such a PEST to deal with, and this helps. It is runny. But works! It also leaves their coats soft.  And its a ton cheaper compared to commercial products!


What do you think? Will you be using any of these? Do you use them?  What do you make at home instead of buying at the store?


3 thoughts on “Do you use homemade products?

    • You’re welcome! I bought a cheap food processor to grate the soap up. Cut it up in smaller hunks and dropped it in a little at a time (small food processor lol).

      I couldn’t find Zote brand soap here, so used 3 (I think..) Fels Naptha bars instead.

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