I need some help testing this

It was brought to my attention that some without wordpress.com accounts could not post comments. I found the check box that made it so only WP.com users could comment, and unchecked it in my dashboard. However, it didn’t seem to fix it.  Please comment on this post to let me know if its working.  If you are unable to comment, please let me know that too – unlikely.gypsy@gmail.com or if you have my personal/private facebook info, message me there or even on my wall.

If you have a website (blog or whatever) address, please also include that.

And, if anyone else has had this happen and knows how to fix it, if this hasn’t fixed it – I’d like to know that as well.

Thank you all!



Thanks to the forums here at WP I now know why some couldn’t comment.  If you are having difficulty leaving comments because its asking for a username/password chances are you have either had a wordpress or a gravatar account at some point in time. Those 2 services are recognizing your email address as one registered through one of those 2 sites. They are connected.  So, try to recover your password from http://wordpress.com/ or http://en.gravatar.com/ using their “Forgot Password” links.

Thanks again! :)


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