Yep, I may need an intervention…. Remember all I went through to get my hair back to blonde a short time ago?  Well, today  I started thinking I need to go back to a red color (maybe its the season change… “they” say you should go darker in the colder months, right?). Do I do this, knowing what it takes to get the color out if I decide I just can’t keep up with it anymore? Or if I get tired of the maintence again? Ugh, not sure what to do!

I do have some “favorites” I’ve used that I *SHOULD* have easy access to locally. We don’t have a Sally’s or any other beauty supply store here, and I’d rather save the cost and do it myself if I do go this route. All I know for sure is SOMETHING has to be done with my hair – I haven’t done anything to it since I put in the highlights with intentions of putting in some fun color chunks (that never got done). Lots of regrowth to deal with in that time.

Thoughts? Opinions?


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