Oops! Been awhile!

I haven’t blogged in quite some time. And really I don’t have any excuses – I have the app on my phone and on my tablet. I could blog from those devices too! But I’ve been bad about it, I’m sorry!

I have been selling my scrabble tile necklaces over at Etsy – have a look! http://www.etsy.com/shop/UnlikelyGypsy  I’ve also started making other things as well, but none are ready for the Etsy shop yet.  Soon though I hope!

A couple weeks ago we had school registration for all 3 kids. Later that week we’d planned on driving up to my mom and dad’s house late at night, to get the most time with them and other family that we could get. But, at registration we found out that on Thursday our youngest had to go what’s called “Kindergarten Round-Up”. She had to spend some time there while they assessed her skills and to see if she was in fact ready for the jump to Kindergarten.  So, after she was done there we make the drive north.

It was nice seeing some of our family, but we didn’t get to see nearly as many people as we’d have liked. Hopefully next time! It’d been over 2 years since we’d seen most of who we saw Thursday night, we left Friday.

While we were visiting family up north, the school called to tell us our youngest wasn’t quite ready for traditional Kindergarten, but too advanced for preschool. So with our permission she was placed in a Transitional Kindergarten class.

School for all 3 started this past Wednesday (Aug 22). I must say, it’s taken some getting used to for me and for our youngest. No kids at home during the day is a bit on the eerie side yet. And the youngest has unfortunately cried on the bus in the morning every single day. The first day it was because she was going to miss me. From then on it has been because either one of her friends wasn’t there to sit with her, or her friend has been there but unable to sit with her.  Its rough being 5!

My older two are in 8th grade and 6th grade. So far it seems like each of them is youngest in their class. Not just because of their August and July birthdays. But many kids in the neighborhood at first asked what grade/how old they were before school started and most were shocked. My best guess is its the transitional kindergarten. Many probably go to that. Or their parents waited until they were 6 to start them.  All of my kids have started school at age 5 – but the oldest two only had the option of regular/traditional kindergarten. And neither of them have ever been held back – which is something you hear a lot of kids saying too, that they were held back.

What I’m really liking around here, is all the kids. Before school started they’d met quite a few of them, and they’d all hang out in our yard. Or they’d all go down to the playground. But since school started, there’s even more coming around!  So far we haven’t had to deal with bullies either really. And we’re pros at dealing with them after all the years of dealing with them….  Our place and our yard seem to be one of the best places to hang around at. That’s good for the kids. Building strong friendships is so important! Guessing once winter strikes, INSIDE my house might be a “hot spot” too. And I don’t mind :)




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