Our move

We left Texas 6 days ago, but I’m just now finding the time to post about it!

Last Thursday, my husband picked up the u-haul trailer. It was only 12ft long, but the biggest we were allowed to haul behind the truck. We loaded it, the truck, and the car up. Only the essentials we would need for that night and the following morning were left in the house. We had to be quite creative in how we’d get everything we were bringing with, in or on vehicles and the trailer. On top of the truck we had a queen size box spring, a full size box spring, full size mattress, 2 twin sized mattresses, and the kitchen table’s top. All of that was strapped down tight. Thankfully our queen sized mattress actually has strong air bags in it and we could remove the air and fold up most of the pieces.

Friday morning around 7:15 we pulled out.  I followed behind my husband and son who had the truck, cats, and dog, and trailer, I had our 2 daughters with me. We started off in south Texas. We got through Austin and had to make our first stop.  We’d hoped to make it double the distance before needing to stop, but kids make that more difficult. It was a good thing we stopped though – the truck was smoking! Pushing it too hard and going too fast for the load it had to haul.

We got back on the road and didn’t stop for awhile – not far from Dallas. I will say this now – I am soooo glad I don’t live in Dallas. And I hope to NEVER have to drive through there again.  They had all these air health warnings (orange = unhealthy air, that’s what we had to drive through). Our eyes and throats were hurting, and ended up with a nasty film on our skin. How people can live every day like that is beyond me. Right after getting out of Dallas, we were in stand still traffic for awhile. Lots of road work and people not merging early (trying to get up further) made for a nightmare.

By the time we were able to stop, our cats were panting. Panting cats is a very scarey thing to see. We’ve seen it before, and had hoped to never see it again.  We got ice and put it in with them, to cool the air down a bit.  The stand still traffic is a lot to blame for how hot it got for them and the dog.  Every time we stopped that we could get ice from then on, we got a bag of ice and put it in with them. Without it, I’m certain we would have lost them.

Somehow, we made it all the way to Kansas City, MO that first day. Over 800 miles of our trip in one day.  We had a reservation, so we got to the hotel, unloaded animals and ourselves and tried to get some sleep.  Hard to sleep though when the A/C in the room isn’t working, and some of us were pretty sunburned during the drive. So, it was an incredibly uncomfortable sleep. Not much sleep at that. We got there around 1am or so, and the last to fall asleep didn’t do so until after 3:30am. We were up at around 7.  After re-packing up, we hit the road again.

We’d planned on 2 stops. But we only made 1. We were in Bethany, MO. I noticed I’d had a text on my phone from my dad, asking where we were.  So, I texted him telling him where. He tells me how he wishes he could be there when we get to our new house, but work just wouldn’t let him go. I told him I wished they could all be there too.

I admit, I was pretty upset when we first discovered we’d be moving, but only because my parents told me they wouldn’t be there. I heard a lot of “excuses” for why they just couldn’t do it (I KNOW its about 3 hrs travel time, but I really wanted them to be here to welcome us home).

We pulled up in our new community, and I called the manager to make sure she was here and in the office. She was.  So, we went inside and started filling out our parts of the lease – she’d already had it ready we just had to sign most of the pages and pay the first month’s rent. I sent a text to my dad to tell him we were there. “Awesome” was the response.

She was telling us how to get to our house from the office – and pointed it out saying “Well, it looks like someone’s there!” I started SCREAMING. I could see my daddy! I almost ran all the way to him, but my husband stopped me, told me I had to drive the car down.  I kept screaming, and I was bawling like a baby. My daddy and my mom were really here!

I got the girls in the car, and drove it to our new house. I ran out of the car and to my parents. We hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half. This was HUGE. Dad asked if I actually thought they wouldn’t be there. I told him I did think that. He said, even if he would have had to work that day, they would have come down that night and still surprised us. I went into the house, and had a look around. I started walking into what would become our son’s room and my nephew jumped out at us. I cried more and grabbed him tight. I was sooo happy to see him too! I honestly thought he’d stayed with a friend or something when I didn’t see him outside with mom and dad, because he lives with mom and dad.

I discovered we also had a freezer stocked full of meat! My parents are the best :)

We’re without couches or chairs for the living room, but we’ll get those in time. For now at least, the kids are happy to sit on carpeted flooring.  I don’t think I’d be able to get up from the floor though. So I do know we’ll have to get something out there for us when we can.

My back all the way down to my toes has been protesting. Begging for a break. The long drive really did a number on me. But even with the pain, I know its worth it! Now its time to do some more unpacking (almost done!!!) so I can start making more necklaces!


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