So excited!

So, we’re moving. Everything is official!  Electric, natural gas, all set up. Husband’s transfer fully approved. YAY! The only thing I know of that we haven’t gotten set up is our internet. But that should be done today :) Trailer to haul behind the truck to our new place is booked as well!

Everything is falling into place! Packing isn’t going as fast as I’d hoped. But we have to go through everything (especially stuff that’s never been unpacked in the 6 months we’ve been here – most of it we probably don’t need, but there’s things there I want to make sure come with).

My parents looked at a place for us on Father’s Day. They filled out the application for us. We were told 24hrs we’d know.  Monday came and went with no word. Tuesday morning I got the call asking for proof of income – we immediately faxed and emailed what they needed. No word on Wednesday. I was getting SUPER worried. Yesterday (Thursday), I called.  I’d called all week, sent emails, left voice mails, all unreturned. When I called yesterday, I finally reached them and was told “Oh! I just got off the phone with your husband! You’ve been approved!”  YES!!!! As I’m talking to her about how we’ll get the keys my call waiting was going off. Hubby was trying to call to give me the news. But I finished talking to her then called him back :)

I was able to call my dad and then my mom to give them the news.

I wish I knew when for sure we’ll see my parents. We’d had our vacation plans set for end of July – but with the move, we won’t be having a vacation. My parents were going to be off the week we’d be up, but they might not be now. We’ll only be a 3 hours drive apart, but with my not working and us wiping out all of our savings for the move – I don’t know when for sure I can take myself and the kids up to see them either.

Things are going to be tight for awhile. Very tight. I’m hoping to be able to work from home, doing various things. That would help. If that doesn’t work out though, I’ll be looking for a new job outside of the home. Hopefully one I can do without too much pain!


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