Here we go again!

On Thursday we found out we had a once in a lifetime chance to get closer to family and friends back home. Under 200 miles away from them. By Friday afternoon everything was finalized. Also, on Friday I quit my job. I didn’t have the time to give them more notice. We have under 2 weeks to get everything ready, packed up, and to move 1000 miles away from here.

With my hips, quitting was the best option. I could have transferred, but it seemed to honestly be pointless. I wouldn’t be able to continue working for this company for very long with how my hips kept giving out on me. They make day to day stuff at home difficult enough.

Saturday night my parents drove to a town about 10 miles from where we’re going, Sunday morning they drove the rest of the way and met with who we hope will become our new landlady. My parents canceled their Father’s Day plans to do this. The manager left her plans to show them the place. They were able to fill out the rental application for us, with our consent. She told us it would take 24hrs to get the results of the application to let us know if we’ve been approved to rent.

Its early Monday morning. I couldn’t sleep well. Kept waking up. Finally got out of bed. There’s probably at least 5 more hours to wait to hear from her. My dad tells me not to worry. But, I am worried. This place seems perfect for us, and its the only one they were able to look at for us. I just don’t want to get any bad news. Our rental history is good – no credit cards – no trouble with the law. But we have that foreclosure. That’s what’s worrying me the most.


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