Exactly 2 years ago…

Exactly 2 years ago today we left Minnesota. We left many loved ones, we haven’t seen most of them since.

That was incredibly hard to do. And all I wanted to do was cry. But I also didn’t want my kids to be too upset either, since we had a long trip ahead of us. My husband kept me busy with the GPS on his phone. Even where he knew he didn’t need it – he had me checking it to make sure we were headed the right direction. That kept my mind busy.  Without that, I don’t think I’d have been able to refrain from screaming “Turn us around, we’re not leaving!”. Because I wanted to. I really wanted to.  Even with nowhere to stay, no jobs, nothing. I wanted to stay close to family and friends.

That said, I also knew we needed something different. We needed a fresh start. But my emotions about leaving were still difficult to deal with. It was hard.

In the 2 years since we left Minnesota we’ve had some of our best times, and some of our worst. But we’ve gotten through it all. And we’re stronger for it. Our marriage is stronger. Individually, we’re all stronger.

Now, we’re looking at trying to get moved closer. There’s a few possibilities of where we may end up, but no matter what – our next move will bring us closer to everyone back home. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to the question of “When?”. Just that we won’t live in this town forever, and ideally will be moving again sometime this summer. And that in less than 2 months we’re planning to go home for vacation too.

Its been a crazy 2  years….


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