Getting the red out

Finally getting that red out of my hair for good, I hope! I bought a color remover (One ‘n Only Colorfix) from Sally’s Beauty Supply, came with awesome reviews on Sally’s website. A no-bleach option.  That was a major selling point for me.  I’ve used a color stripper with bleach in it before. It fried my hair horribly. And was VERY uneven (some bright orange areas, some super white, some blonde, etc.).

The Colorfix I just bought and used was SOOOOOO much nicer to my hair!  It didn’t fry it out like the other stuff. Its a little dry in spots, but that’s easier to deal with when compared to what that other stuff had done to my hair.  That other stuff left my hair feeling gummy, and that was so gross! Some deep conditioning treatments should hopefully get my hair back to optimum condition again.

I haven’t dyed over it yet. I was up real late last night doing 2 rounds of the color remover. The first round left some dark red, like I didn’t get enough product in those areas – which is entirely possible. The second round had those areas lightened up quite a bit, and didn’t really do anything to the other areas. Which is really good. I didn’t want super uneven colors. Especially knowing I’d likely be waiting a little bit to do the new color. My husband checked the color I’d gotten it to with the Colorfix when he got home from work. He said the tips in the back have a bit of a strawberry blonde look to them. But those will hopefully go away when I do get the new color in.

For color I picked up a blonde shade, but expecting it to be darker then it should be. Because when you remove hair dye using products first, the color takes really well, and fast. Because the hair is opened up – which makes sense, since the color that was there, was forced out.  I didn’t go with an ultra blonde (which would be level 10), I went with a level 8. From a brand I haven’t used before (Wella Color Charm), but again – comes with good reviews.

Once I get the base of my hair to a shade I want it, I’m planning on putting in chunks of a light blonde. I don’t want all over highlights – just some chunks of a lighter color. Because I want to get some “unnatural” color put in too.  The brand I’d been using for the reds (Ion) recently came out with a rainbow of colors that I’d like to try. They’re semi-permanent colors, and even though still real new – awesome reviews there too. I shouldn’t have to bleach the chunks, just use a real light blonde base for them.  That’s my hope anyway.

I’m almost to the end of getting the red out! After all this, I won’t likely go a dark red again. I like how I look with the red, but the upkeep required is a bit much for me.  I knew this when I went red again after only a month of being blonde – but I liked the red, so I went back to it.  But hopefully I’ll remember just what it takes to get it out and the process it is (though admittedly much easier on me and my hair this time compared to last time – at a higher cost money wise, but still cheaper than going in to get it done). And I won’t throw a permanent red dye on it again.  Semi and Demi might not hold at all, and may very well be literally money down the drain. So, I’m going to try to refrain from grabbing a red shade down the line :)


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