First Necklace!

My first scrabble tile necklace

I made my first scrabble tile necklace over the weekend, then made two more yesterday.  I’m loving these!  They’re so unique and customizable to each individual person.

I did “goof” and the bails I ordered first had too small of an opening for the necklaces I had ordered. I ended up going to the store for some chain so I could wear that first one right away. And for now I’ll use that same chain for the other 2 I made.  I’ve also learned how to get the images from my computer to the paper much easier too. And much better quality. I did all sorts of scouring the web yesterday for a tutorial with Photoshop. Now I need to figure out more images to use.

Once I find my scrapbook paper I’ve got around here somewhere, I’ll have even more options. I have a ton of paper I was using for making cards, but didn’t do that for long. But I’m pretty sure the paper came with us when we moved cross country. Just nobody knows where it went.

My daughters both want one, but not sure what they want for the picture on each of the ones they want.

What kind of images do you think will work well with these?  There’s a lot already out there, but maybe there’s something you think should be done that isn’t being done already.


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