Me? Really?

I just had a conversation on one of my personal FaceBook status updates I just made. Basically, I am having a hair disaster.

I’ve already said I’ve been dying my hair a dark red for months (years really with a short break of about a month). And tonight I tried something. Something I thought might work – because what I read online. That if I dyed my hair over the red with an Ash based color, it would get rid of the red. Because ash = green and green counteracts red. Well. It failed. Horribly. My hair is darker than it was before, and still red.

I have some friends and family who work with hair every single day. So, I admit I called them “out”. Hoping to get some help. Of course, every single one of them is over a thousand miles away. Its not like they could just hop in their cars and come help me out, just like I couldn’t just hop in mine and go to one of them. Without seeing it in person, they can’t give me their best advice. But, I got some advice that I will use.  Like to remove the color. THEN try to dye over it.

Changing up my color always gives me a headache. At least, where red is concerned. Because red is the WORST color possible to get out of the hair. It doesn’t just go away. Its a process to get rid of it. I know this. I’ve done it before. But I was trying a short cut.  I should have known better.

The thing that has me going “Me? Really?” is because of that one status update, and the conversation that followed, its been suggested I go through Cosmetology school, and have a change in career. Having a career in general sounds good to me, something more than a “job”. Career sounds like a lot more fun, and a whole less like work (even though I KNOW its also work, and hard work – I’m not saying anything bad here about anyone with a career!).

The thing is, I’m terrified of even the thought of putting a scissors to someone’s hair. I don’t even cut my children’s or my husband’s hair. The only exception is sometimes I’ll buzz my son’s hair, because that’s how he likes it.  Even then he usually goes in to get it done – because its even easier to have someone else do it.

But this really has me thinking. And considering watching some videos or something on how to cut hair – and try it out. At least its summer break for the kids, no worries about having to go to school with a bad hair cut :)  The youngest DOES need her hair cut again too…

Hmmm going back to school at the age of 30 MIGHT scare me a little bit more than cutting someone’s hair though…

Of course the need of loans scare me a bit too. We haven’t had to make payments other than rent or mortgage in a long time. But, maybe…..


2 thoughts on “Me? Really?

  1. they have an additive at Sally’s Beauty. It adds blue to your dye. Stick with an ash base and you might be able to banish the red…I feel your pain. And kudos on beauty school. Recession proof job. :)

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