I want to try something new!

Shortly after moving to Texas I went from being a blonde to a red head. I’m talking dark red. Aside from about a month that I went back to blonde (not an easy process!) I’ve had red hair. I’ve got the “itch” to try something different. Maybe still red, but add streaks of another color… but the color of the streaks I want keeps changing.  Then I think of going brown as a possibility, with colored streaks.  I’ve thought black, purple, pink, and possibly blue for the colors of the streaks. But leaning away from the blue. The pink and maybe the purple only if I go to a brown shade first.

One of the red shades I’ve bought in a box had what looked like black streaks in it. But that color is no longer available. I’ve been getting my dye in a special store now, and it took awhile to find the right shade for me.  Now that I’ve found it, I’m hoping that doesn’t disappear like other colors I’ve loved!

When I was in Junior High I used a product that was supposed to be the wash out kind, and was supposed to be red. It was for the last day of school.  My hair turned out magenta, and it wouldn’t wash out.  I ended up having to go to a salon and they tried their most gentle color stripper – they’d seen it work on raven black hair, and figured it’d work for me.  It didn’t. They ended up dying it a light brown, but gave me a bad cut too. The bottom 6 inches or so wouldn’t take to the dye they used. The lady who cut my hair didn’t know how to do layers, and was constantly asking the lady next to her if she was doing it right….  The reason I had to get the magenta out fully was because the job I had at the time. And I had to work the next day. My current job is a bit more relaxed with hair color.

What are your favorite brands and shades of hair color?  What combination do you like best for people who do have multiple colors in their hair?


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