Living with Hip Dysplasia

I was born with hip dysplasia. I was also born with shortened tendons.  The hip dysplasia caused me to be in a brace when I was an infant. The shortened tendons required physical therapy (exercises done at home) to lengthen the tendons. I’m going to ask around to see if anyone has pictures of me in the brace. I do not have any myself.

Unfortunately neither issue was fully resolved. I still have problems.  The shortened tendons cause me to walk on my toes, unless I consciously think “heal-toe” as I’m walking. And honestly I’ve usually got so many other things on my mind that I can’t make myself think “heal-toe” all the time.  Sometimes those “toner” shoes help, because they force me to rock from heal to toe. But my last pair I had “popped” (they were the type with air pockets, not the thick rocker sole). So, I’m wearing regular shoes again. Money is tight at the moment, so I can’t just run out and get a new pair.

My hips have been getting worse over time too. I can sometimes hear the grinding in my hips. Some days are worse than others. And I think my job is making it worse too.  I’m constantly on my feet moving around, sometimes squatting, sitting on the floor, bending, etc. The rocker toner style shoes sometimes seemed to help because they put me more in alignment. But really, they only help most on the days I wake up with minimal pain.  That doesn’t happen very often.

I’m almost always in pain. My knees are taking a beating from my issues too, as is my back.  Its not easy.

I don’t like the idea of taking lots of pain pills for this problem, and only take them for the pain if I can’t stand it any longer.  All I have to take is OTC (Over The Counter) meds.

I don’t have insurance. I can’t just go to a doctor to have this looked into further. I just know how I feel, every single day.  And I know that most days I can feel it getting worse. I need income though, so I’ve been working through it. But it’d be nice to not have to. It’d be nice to not want to break down in tears with every step most days. But, I do what I have to do, to help provide for my family. They come first and foremost. Always.


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