How this Gypsy life started part 4

We moved to this location I mentioned in the last post, and are currently living here still. We moved in just before the schools would be released for Christmas break. We waited until the first of the year to get the kids enrolled in their new schools, once Christmas break was over. In the short time we lived in the last house, we got used to all the space we had. Now we have a much smaller place. But its still bigger than the travel trailer. So it works for us.

My husband started work soon after we got here, I got a few more days before I started at my new location.  Working moves aren’t always easy, especially when its more than 20 miles down the road, and when you’ve accumulated more “stuff”. It took awhile to get settled in. Pulling things out of boxes as needed.

The kids have made friends here, but also have had to deal with bullies. Bullies are everywhere, unfortunately.  I just wish it wasn’t as bad as it is, everywhere. They get along well with some kids in the neighborhood. And not so well with others. But, there’s lots of kids around.

We have the itch to move again. Mostly, its because I want to be closer to “home” where the rest of the family is. I’m very close to my parents, and miss them like crazy.  We talk on the phone when we can, but I miss going to their house, talking, hugging, etc. And of course, I miss the cooking too :)  I’m not ashamed to admit it!

We’re planning a vacation to go back and visit. Its still 2 months away. But its been almost 2 years since we’ve seen majority of any of our families. My mother-in-law visits most often, and we really enjoy her visits. The last time she was visiting with us, my husband’s grandma, sister, and nephew were with. It was nice to see them all! My mother-in-law will be down again in a week and spending a night with us before she goes down to the RGV to visit her friends there.  My parents and nephew have been down once since we left Minnesota. They’d like to have been down again, but it hasn’t been possible.  Its been over a year since we were with them.

Ideally when we move again, we’ll be lots closer. Maybe even close enough that we can take occasional weekends to visit them, and they can visit us too. Being so far away is hard for me.  Its been hard since the very beginning. But, I was determined to not let homesickness drive me to begging to go back. That happened 10 years ago when we tried to relocate across the country. I begged to go back, bawling my eyes out. I was scared to be so far away.  But this time I knew there’s no jobs there, there’s no place to stay, nothing.  All that’s left in my home town, is family. And while living that close to all of them would be wonderful, I know we can’t live on that alone. We need income. That town will always hold a very special place in my heart, for being where I’ve lived most of my life. It’ll never be able to be OUR home again. But, I’m hoping to at least get closer.

I don’t know when we’ll move again, but its possible our first move will be to a different house in this same area. If we can find anything affordable. When we were first looking around to move here, this was the most affordable place to move into that we could find. Other places cost 3 times the monthly rent. But we have a little more knowledge of the area to look around and find something. Thankfully we’re not completely locked into a lease or anything. We have a month to month lease, we just have to give a month’s notice before we move out, no matter where we plan on going


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