How this Gypsy life started part 3

When we got to the new house, we found we had no water. A water line had broke because it froze. We called the maintenance guy and he said he’d get over as soon as he could to fix that, and to pick up all their stuff they left behind when trying to prep the house for new people. We moved all their stuff into the spare room, and got our stuff brought in from the travel trailer. The kids didn’t have real beds. The oldest 2 had the mattresses from the travel trailer’s bunk beds they slept on, the youngest had the cushions from the table that transformed into a bed. We just had our mattress that we brought in from the travel trailer.  We’d replaced the one that was in there with ours before we moved.

Because our address was what it was, we attempted to register the oldest 2 kids into the schools for that town. We almost got all the way through the process – after having issues trying to figure out what school our son (oldest) would go to. The one we were told we were zoned for was overfull. The school we were told he would have to go to was insisting he could go to the “proper” school he was supposed to go to.  After almost a week of run around (“We need this done” “We need that done” etc.) I started one morning at the school my older daughter would be going to. We’d been there before, the process was almost finished.  We went from the nurse to the counselor to get her schedule.  When they saw our address they asked what side of the road we were on.  When I told them, they said “Your daughter can’t go to school here, sorry.” I said “What do you mean? We live just a couple miles away! Why can’t she come here?”  Turns out, they’d recently re-zoned and our side of the road belonged to a different school district.  But even the people at their district office didn’t see that, even when we gave them the address and everything.  They’d had parents lie to them saying that they lived on the opposite side of the road, so they could go to that district. But as each family was found out – they were forced to withdraw their kids from the district and enroll in the other one.

We got them enrolled FINALLY in their proper district and started school.  They let our daughter start that same day. They loaned her a polo shirt (many schools in the RGV have uniforms) since she was wearing a tie dyed shirt for registration. They had told me over the phone that she would not start until the following day, so I wasn’t worried about having her dress in uniform. Our son started school the day after registering him.

Busing the kids was interesting.  The buses all had 2 routes. First was for the elementary kids, like our daughter. Second was for middle through high school, like our son. So, they took the same bus, same bus stop, had the same driver, but their pick up times were different.

My husband ended up getting a different job in May, that he started in June. The one he’d had was not keeping his hours up. I was driving almost 30 miles to and from work every day.  I could have changed locations that I worked at, but I didn’t. Again my available hours to work changed with his job change.

The summer was fairly uneventful. We worked, we spent what time we could together, etc. Towards the end of the summer things were going really wrong at the house. The central air kept dying. They’d send someone to fix it, it’d work for a couple days, then it would die again. It should have been replaced but it wasn’t. That continued on for some time. Other repairs were never done. Claiming they’d be there to fix things, and they didn’t show up to do it.

Then we started having problems with our daughter’s school. Things were going on there that shouldn’t have. She was no longer safe. She reported things to staff and they did nothing.  She didn’t tell us right away what was going on. When she finally did, we were doing what we could to help her get it to stop.  Staff denied ever being told about any of the problems. Outright called her a liar. Which she isn’t. We wanted out of there. I wanted out of the state. We tried. We were hoping my husband could transfer to a new place in a new state. But it didn’t happen.  We were frantic. We were trying to figure out what to do, to get the kids safe. Because our son wasn’t safe either.  He’d been bullied, beat on, etc. with no help from the school he was in either. The other kids in the neighborhood were chasing him down and beating him. We weren’t in a good place at all. Not even our yard felt safe.

My husband was told he could transfer to another place, within the state. Just a few hours away.  We were willing, just to get it done fast, and have the kids safe.  We moved again – mid December. Both of us transferred to the same companies we worked for, in the new location. His new location even offered him more money!

To be continued….


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