How this Gypsy life started part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, we didn’t fully have a plan for where we’d be.  Before we left Minnesota I had been in contact with someone who owns multiple trailer parks and such that have empty lots for RVs. We knew we’d be living in the travel trailer awhile, because it would be cheap. After we parked in a parking lot, I tried to reach that owner. Eventually I reached her. She gave directions to the one park we’d talked about on the phone – the cheapest one. She told us to go to the office and talk to the park manager and have a look around. Keep in mind we didn’t have jobs lined up or anything. We had a “stash” of money to live off of for a short time. So we’d be okay until we got jobs. Figuring we’d get jobs fairly quick with all the openings all over.

We got there, and discovered the office wasn’t where we expected it to be.  Then found that the park manager was out.  Reached the owner again, and told her nobody was there to help us. She had a business across the road, so she came over to try to help.  The park manager got there at about the same time.  We looked at a couple empty lots. They kept trying to convince us to move into the larger one. And we almost did.  We found out we’d have to call the electric company and get electric set up there. And that we’d be without for days.  So, they told us we could move into the smaller one until the larger one was with power. The smaller one had electric on the spot – the middle lots were in the owner’s name. We’d have to pay her for the electric.  After we got pulled in and parked the travel trailer (and got power hooked up so we could have the A/C running while we were gone to cool it and the cat and dog we brought with us down) we went in search of a money order to pay our rent.

It took quite a bit to get set up in that first lot. So much we decided we’d just stick with it.  Especially because being in the middle like that, meant less risk of snakes and other pests we didn’t want. So, we let the manager know we were not going to switch to the other lot. Not going to get electric in our name over there. We’d just do like the rest did in the middle – get a slip of paper on our door every month that had our lot rent, water bill amount, and electric bill amount and the total amount owed.

My husband started filling out applications soon after we arrived. He was filling out more than he’d ever filled out before.  We were sure he’d get something soon.  I didn’t get so zealous about it at first, and never anywhere near as many applications filled out as he did.  We’ve always worked separate shifts so we’d never have daycare costs. We were hoping to continue that.

We’d moved to TX in June. He was getting unemployment eventually, after fighting for it because of his last job, the law was in his favor. Because without it, money would have ran out faster than we expected because we didn’t have work right away. I was the first to get a job – in August it was the first place I was interviewed at, and I took it. Right after getting hired I got 2 calls for other places, but I stuck with the first. I worked whenever they needed. Because my husband was home with the kids we didn’t have to worry about daycare or anything like that. The oldest 2 kids started school the end of August.

Eventually he got a job as well. It was December before he got hired anywhere, about 30 miles from where we were living. He’d had a few interviews, but nothing worked out. He was going to have a set schedule. So, my schedule was altered to his, so again we’d never have daycare costs to worry about. He didn’t like not working, and accepted this job knowing the unemployment would stop, and we’d actually have less money.  He has that type of personality, he has to be working – no matter what.

Come January we were looking for a better place to live. We needed more space, we needed to get out of that park. Things were stolen from us, with no real help from law enforcement. Things were pretty shady throughout the town it seemed.

So, we found a place. And moved in February. At the tail end of a freak ice storm. We lived in the travel trailer for over 6 months.

To be Continued…..


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