How this Gypsy life started….

I was born, raised, started a family, giving birth to all 3 of my babies…. in Minnesota.  I lived there for all but a very short time 10 years ago, when we tried to make a different cross country move. Things didn’t work out how we planned though, so back to Minnesota we went.  I’ll admit, I was unbearably homesick and that’s why we went back.

Everything changed about 2.5 years ago or so. We’d been buying a house. My husband was making decent enough money, getting lots of over-time. We thought we were safe unlike so many others who were in trouble with banks and such.  Then his hours were cut at work. Not getting any overtime, nothing. They cut his pay, to reflect his new “part time” status. But we didn’t know it until the deposit at the bank looked way too short.  That’s when we found he’d lost pay as well as hours.

We tried calling the mortgage company. We tried to work out a plan with the bank for the house.  They laughed.  We had nowhere to go. We knew we couldn’t keep paying the mortgage. We looked for other jobs (I was working at the time as well, but only weekends). We kept pulling money out of savings to pay for the mortgage. The money was running out. The bank wouldn’t work with us. We started thinking more long term. “How can we live, keep a roof over our heads, and raise our family?”  When our tax refund came through, we bought a suburban and a travel trailer. We had a plan.

Our plan was to pack up everything we could into the travel trailer and suburban, sell what we could, store what we could, and go. We had our sights set to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. We heard they had a lot of places hiring, and its a cheap place to live. We waited until the oldest 2 were out of school for summer vacation. We said good-byes, and we drove and drove and drove. We took lots of breaks though, because the A/C wasn’t working in the Suburban. The further south you go, the higher the temperatures get, most of the time. And this was one of those times.

After days on the road, we arrived.  All we had planned out (and only partially) was where we would park.

To be continued…..


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